Easter, charity, and the love of a dog

Here we go, another Easter rolls around, and in New Zealand we have Good Friday and Easter Monday as statutory holidays. And, this year, it coincides with ANZAC Day. So, by taking 2 days annual leave, I get a 10 day break from work!

So, what do we do?

Well, Good Friday was quite busy. With Autumn starting to set in, the temperatures have dropped a little, at least the sun has been shining and the rain has held off.

So, taking advantage of such lovely autmnal weather, my wife and I took the opportunity for a morning walk to one of the local parks to let Ted have a run around. And, it was a good opportunuty for me to put into practice some of the reading I have been doing on pet photography. I still have a bit to go, but I am pleased with some of the shots I took.

I would really appreciate feedback so I can improve further. So, here goes.

Good Friday-1

1. In a shady copse

Good Friday-2

2. I’m waiting for the ball

Good Friday-3

3. A cheeky little look away just as the shutter clicked

Good Friday-4

4. Hoping for a treat from above

Moving around a little, playing with the light and shadows, and trying to keep Ted from getting bored, we took a few more:

Good Friday-7

5. I love my mum

Good Friday-8

6. Looking just off camera

Good Friday-9

7. Let’s try a serious look

Good Friday-12

8. Heh, heh, I’ve run off under a tree with my ball!

We found some graffiti on a ginnel fence – so thought about being an Urban Graffito Corg, but I don’t think I pulled it off:

Good Friday-10

9. Urban Grafitto Corg

So then it was time to start heading back home, stopping for a few more shots among the trees:

Good Friday-13

10. I’m owning it!

Good Friday-15

11. Autumn leaves, sunshine, and the presence of a treat to help posing.

Good Friday-16

12. But sometimes, it gets boring, and I lose concentration!

Good Friday-17

13. But, then I get back on track.

While we were at the park, I did a lot of ball throwing, and Ted did a lot of ball fetching and running – always a good thing. And we met some new friends – a couple of families from hte neighbourhood out to play on the slides and swings. We are so lucky to have this park only about 500 metres away! We really need to visit more often.

So, morning done, we started getting ready to go out to meet my brother, sister-in-law and her twin sister, as they were driving from the north to the south of New Zealand. All in the name of charity – the Pork Pie Charity Run.

This is a bi-annual event, that has 60 Minis (yes, the car), that raises money for a very worthy charity – KidsCan. The drive is based on the “classic” 1980 New Zealand film “Goodbye, Pork Pie” directed by Geoff Murphy (and not the 2017 version directed by Geoff’s son Matt). There are all sorts of Minis – from the classic Austin/Morris models, through to the modern BMW Minis. Of course, we needed to get dressed up a bit:

Good Friday-18

14. Does my monarch butterfly bandanna look ok?

As we were driving the 30 km to the meeting area, we came across my sister-in-law’s twin in one of the team Minis (classic), so formed a bit of a mini Mini convoy with our BMW Mini Cooper S. (Gosh, I love the supercharger!)

When I got there, Ted was happy to see his older cousin Charlie – who just so happens to be my niece’s corgi:

Good Friday-19

15. Charlie and me – did someone say treat?

Anyway, we caught up with the family, took a group shot, donated some more $$ to the cause, gave some (healthy) snack food to “The A Team”, and waved them off.


16. The A Team and supporters

Good Friday-23

17. Team 16

Good Friday-24

18. Car 21

Well, this has been a much longer post than normal, but I would really appreciate feedback on my Ted photos – please leave a comment if you like any, don’t like any, have suggestions on improvements. (Thanks).

Wishing you a lovely peaceful weekend (and Easter if you celebrate it).


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