Thoughtful Thursday

Well, I have started and deleted this post a number of times, and am not sure how to go about it, so, all I will say about recent events in New Zealand, is that I am proud of the way our Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) has handled the situation, with grace, love and empathy. A model to all, and a true leader of people.

After that, other subjects tend to lose importance, but life goes on, and we must keep living.

And what better example than the unconditional companionship of a dog. Constant, reliable, without judgement (although sometimes I wonder about the judgement, given some looks they give us).

So, here is (hopefully) a heartwarming photo of Ted

Ted corgi

I’ve been playing with the hose, dad!

Dont let those eyes fool you, though, he is not averse to disembowelling a (toy) duck


Sorry dad, I got bored.

But generally, Ted takes the world (and us) as he finds us, and just relaxes


Just chillin’

Dont let his cuteness fool you, Ted can be a derp!CA832DFD-E63E-4A3E-94A3-5CA1F69AE116

We could all learn a few things from dogs.

(and here comes a plug – look for @acorgicalledted on Instagram for more corgiliciousness)

Wishing you a peaceful day.

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