Life’s more fun with friends

Yesterday I was feeling a little a little bored. It was Saturday morning, it was a dull gray day, with a temperature of around a coolish 21 Celsius (compared to recent temps. What was I going to do?


Then dad found out about my friends having a Corgi Meet up! Yay, going to see and play with some friends! So, about 3/4 of an hour and 25 km later, I arrived at the park to meet up with everyone.


(L to R: Paris, Bobo, Monty, Evee’s ear, my head and Bonnie)

Boy, did I have some fun – sitting nicely and waiting patiently for a treat:

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-4

(My cousin Charlie, me, and Logan)

Charlie is a couple of years older than me, and is a pretty good guy – we like having tussles, and he sometimes has a different view of the world.

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-2

Because we had just had a few heavy showers after a long sunny dry spell, the ground was hard, and not all the water soaked in. I was lucky enough to find a nice muddy puddle

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-7

And then another deeper one

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-5

Heh, heh, I don’t think dad was impressed – but some of my friends were!

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-9

(That’s Evee on the left and her brother Monty)

Charlie’s mum gave me some loves

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-6

Then I wanted to get more loves from everyone else

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-11

but they weren’t so keen on the idea

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-8

(That’s Bobo and his dad)

Some of my friends were happy just keeping an eye on me

Feb 23 Corgi meet up-10

This is Bonnie

After that, dad thought it was best to go and have a shower – we passed “Animates” on the way home, and I had a shampoo, condition, rinse, and blow dry – and came out sparkling clean


Boy, what a Saturday! I had so much fun. But it was very tiring – so I needed a nap when I got home and was dried off a bit more


Boy I had a lot of fun. I met Paris and Bobo for the first time. I can’t wait for the next Corgi Meet Up – I hope that Alfie, Ernie, Luna (a Vellhund) and Gabi, Aimee and all the others can make it! Here’s a photo of one of our earlier meet ups


(Luna is on the very left)

I hope you had such a great Saturday as me – I better go, see what mischief I can get up to on this lovely Sunday. Bye

If you want – check me out on Instagram @acorgicalledted

Lots of love, Ted.
(Woof woof bork!)




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