Thoughts (& images) for Thursday

Time has certainly flown by. Three months without a post! A quarter of a year. From winter to spring. And daylight saving has started for the New Zealand summer. Evenings are drawing out, the temperatures are rising, and Ted has grown.


I have been busy with work, and after 6 months I am still adjusting to my rotating shifts, and commuting by train every fourth week. And on those weeks I often leave home at the usual time, so end up in the office by 7 a.m. and pulling a 12 hour shift. The extra hours let me get a lot of extra team development done, so I don’t waste the time.

I suppose that is one reason why I seem to be busy!

And there’s always lots to do, so I enjoy the downtime the ferry commute gives me. And the photo opportunities. Luckily, even although the ferry commute is the same route, it is never the same scene. There is constant change in tide, wind, sun, clouds, boats, birds, and waves. An infinite number of changes every day. That’s one reason I  love my ferry commute.

And I am thankful for it every trip.

Anyways, here are some scenes over the past months! (Click for captions)

If you’ve managed to get this far, I would love a comment – what have you done the past 3 months, how has your season changed, what season you prefer, or even what your favourite photo of this lot is.

Hopefully, it won’t be another three months, maybe another 6 weeks, after one of my sons gets married – but that is for another time.

Wishing you happiness – or at least contentedness.

One response to “Thoughts (& images) for Thursday

  1. I don’t envy anyone their commute, but yours is a beautiful one and you’ve certainly captured some wonderful,shots of the harbour and bird life. Love the kingfisher particularly.

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