Things that fly (Or, a sunny Sunday out)

In the midst of what seems likes weeks of rain – someone recently told me that there was only 3 days so far in July where it hadn’t rained – this weekend was a standout – blue skies, lots of sunshine, and those wonderfully clear days that you only get in winter.

I visited my dear old dad, and while getting ready to go out into his back garden to pick a bag of mandarins off his trees, I was treated to a waxeye and a tui – both had been feasting on these sweet treats straight from the tree. If you look closely at the second shot of the tui, you may be able to see the mandarin pulp around the base of it’s beak.

And, on the way back home, I went via one of Auckland’s smaller commercial airfields, Ardmore. It is home to New Zealand’s Warbird Association, and I went to see what was out late on a Sunday afternoon.

At this stage, most had been put away, or being put away, but looking good anyway

So, a lovely afternoon out! Does anyone recognise the jet? (It has RAAF markings).

What did you get up to this weekend? Hope your week pans out well.


2 responses to “Things that fly (Or, a sunny Sunday out)

    • And there is nothing so lovely as tui-song. It is something that is uniquely New Zealand, and I think it holds a very special place in New Zealanders’ hearts. Does it affect you like that, now that you’re a kiwi? 😉

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