A little Tuesday treat

Work, gentle readers, has been a little hectic recently. A couple of months ago, my Team Leader resigned, and we have had interim leaders overseeing the day to day running of our small little team – while also looking after their teams.

However, as our team is quite specialised, they didn’t have the product knowledge for a lot of the issues that arose – both around processes and planning and operations. As I had been working on several special projects, I was able to help them out. I have recently been advised that I would be appointed as Team Leader for a 3 month secondment (I did apply for the role), so the past week has been filled with a lot of upskilling and preparing for the full time role as from August 1.

As part of this, it was suggested I have a couple of days annual leave before then, so I have chosen this Wednesday (tomorrow) and next. And, seeing as I am not at work tomorrow, I made time to grab my camera to go see the sunset – something I haven’t really had the time nor inclination to do for a while.

I missed the best part of the sunset, but managed to capture the bright red colour of the underside of a few clouds, with some of the volcanic cones and cityscape silhouetted

tuesday evning-1

After a short visit with my mum, I stopped at a roundabout not far from home, and tried out a few long exposure shots to capture light trails. After a few attempts with a few changes, I was quite pleased with the results.tuesday evning-2tuesday evning-3

I would appreciate any feedback on any of the 3 photos.

This weekend, I may have to find a more scenic road to try more light trails.

Wishing you a great Teusday and/or Wednesday.


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