One for Tuesday 

Here’s a good way to greet Tuesday – another stunning morning! Don’t you agree?

Have a good day.


4 responses to “One for Tuesday 

  1. Every time I see a photo I automatically look out of the window and the difference is stifling. What you see is unreal to me.
    Although, England (well, the South as far as I’m aware) is seeing some blue skies for a change! We’ve had some spontaneous rainy moments but it seems okay for now.

    • The differences can be startling. I was down in he Isle of Wight some years ago (August 1987 to be precise) and it struck me that there was generally very few blue sky days. And that is why the seas (and other bodies of water) aren’t the vivid blues of the tropics, etc. You will need to visit some of these exotic places soon. I suppose it is really coming to the pointy end of your academic year. All the best.

      • So true! It’s strange seeing blue skies – I wonder how long they’ll last.
        “Pointy” end of the year indeed! That (adequate) way of describing it made me chuckle. It’s very true. 😀 thanks!

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