What? It’s Monday again? Already?

Wow! The way time is flying by is absolutely incredible. Many, many years ago – probably about 30 when I was in my mid 20’s – I once though about time compression to describe the way I felt about the passage of time when I was that age, because time seemed to pass more and more quickly.

I thought than when I was 10, 1 year was 1/10 of my life, and, used 1/10 of my memory, so time seemed to take time to meander from 1 memory to another.

Now, in my (over) mid-fifties, 1 year is now less than 1/50 of my life, so takes up 1/50 of my memories, so the distance between memories is shorter and shorter. So time appears to be speeding up.

Do you feel this way? How do you feel about the passage of time? Let me know.

Ah well, with another week, the sun is rising later and later as New Zealand gets closer to the middle of winter. However, I do get to experience one of the magical times of the day.

Here are a few photos from this morning’s commute:

Wishing you a wonderful week!


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