There and Back (Or, back from there)

Well, I’ve just had a quick visit from Auckland to Wellington and back over the weekend. I drove down on Saturday to deliver my older son to start a new job tomorrow (Monday), along with a few of his possessions. We loaded up the Mini, and hit the road!

Because I was driving a full load, I didn’t have time to take any photos, but, I did get the opportunity on the return leg. Although there were some wonderful vistas, I didn’t stop to take photos. However, I did slow down a couple of times on some stretches of straight road, set a quick focus, pointed my camera in the general direction, pushed the shutter button, and hoped for the best.

So, here is my day today:

Sunrise, Wellington, about 6:55 a.m


Sunday Sunrise

(You just can’t get away from the Golden Arches, can you! – bottom left)

I thought it was going to be a bit dull and rainy for the 650 km drive back to Auckland, but going across the Desert Road (named because it goes through the Rangipo Desert, part of the Tongariro National Park), the sun was shining, and glistening off the top of Mount Ruapehu, and beating down on Mount Ngaruahoe (also known as Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings films):


Mt Ruapehu


Mt Ngaruahoe (soft focus due to point and shoot and hope for the best!)

(These are drive by shots)

Finally, back home in Auckland, the sunset was another stunner. I was a bit tired after the driving, so just shot this out the window:


Sunday Sunset

Well, that filled in the weekend!

And I’ve just realised that all of these photos were taken through windows!

How did you spend yours?

(Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed it)


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