TPA: A Beautiful Landscape (13/52)


Not much needs to be said about this. It was as if the sky and the sea were on fire – even if only for about 30 seconds of these glorious colours.

This is this week’s The Photo Argus Challenge 2017.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a beautiful landscape.


3 responses to “TPA: A Beautiful Landscape (13/52)

    • Thank you. With scenes like this, how could it not be well! But yes, I have no need for complaint. How are your exam preps coming along? And is mechanics settling down? I have just finished reading “The Rise of the Rocket Girls” by Nathalia Holt. If (& a big if) you get a few moments, I would highly recommend this book to you. It shows what an impact and integral part of the space programme women with maths backgrounds were. And how times have (thankfully) changed. Hopefully it may provide you with a little history and a little inspiration.

      • Oh my goodness I’m so sorry to have missed this comment – it’s been over a week! Mechanics is a still torture but I’m really giving it my all. No doubt I’ll write about it soon! Exam prep is nuts. I can’t believe the academic year has already given itself away to exams.
        I have done some googling on this book and it looks like my cup of tea! (I hope you get the meaning of the saying here!). Which is extra cool because I find it hard to read books not directly linked to what I’m currently studying. I have bookmarked the tab detailing where I can find it on my device and will definitely give it a go in summer. Thank you for the recommendation! I have a friend who loves space and I’ve just sent her the link too 😀

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