TPA: Something that makes you laugh (10/52)

Another week is about to start, and I was looking over the past week’s photos with an eye on what would be suitable for this week’s post for The Photo Argus Challenge 2017.

I experienced some wonderful sunrises, (see my Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday posts), sunny afternoons, balmy evenings, and had a raft of choices.

Looking through the list, I decided on the photo below. While the situation itself isn’t really funny, the skipper of our ferry made a comment on one of the most basic fundamentals (tautology?) or concepts of boating: “That the water needs to be deeper than the depth of your boat – as evidenced by the yacht on our port side”.

So, when we looked, this is what we were greeted with:


With the new moon, the tides were very low, and this particular yacht has quite a long keel! Maybe the entrance to the marina needs a bit more dredging.

Luckily, the situation was embarrassing, rather that dangerous, and the comments made by the ferry skipper made the passengers chuckle. Hence, this entry for “Something that makes you laugh”.

A few hours later, the tide was rising, and the Georgia was again afloat and safely docked in the marina.

Has anything given you a chuckle over the past week? Let me know.

Wishing you a lovely week.


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