TPA: The Night Sky (9/52)

Living in the Southern Hemisphere, one of the most prominent constellations is the Southern Cross. It is so synominous with Australasia / Oceania, that both the New Zealand and Australian flags bear it.

While both the flags may seem the same to non Australasions, to the locals they are very different: The New Zeland flag has red stars (with white edging), the Australian White. New Zealand only has four stars of the Southern Cross, the Australian has five, and also one of the “pointers” (alpha centauri). Both, however, have the union jack, and are on a dark blue background. Similar, but different! Don’t confuse the two when talking with those form either country!

What do the flags have to do with this post? Well. the Southern Cross in the night sky!

Here is this week’s response to The Photo Argus Challenge 2017.




The Milky Way


The Southern Cross


More Milky Way-ness

Taken from our urban back yard, these are not as spectacular as some of my earlier Milky Way shots, but I am still lucky that the stars are so visible.

I hope to this year visit the Tekapo Basin, one of the world’s best dark sky regions, a must for many photographers.

What’s on your list of must do’s for this year?

Have fun, laugh often.


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