TPA (Supplemental): Something Wierd (6a/52)

I have just returned from a mid-week jaunt from Auckland to Napier.

If you read my previous post, you will know that I attended the premiere of The Festival Opera’s production of Bizet’s Carmen. Which, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed.

One of the baritones, Moses Mackay, is a member of the fantastic Sol3 Mio. Check out their music here.

Another outstanding performer was soprano Anna Leese.

In fact, the whole production was superb! And, the trumpet section outstanding! (But I am biased, of course).

The Annual Art Deco weekend was kicking off today, so the town of Napier was starting to bustle – but more on that in another post.

While wandering around on Tuesday (Valentines Day), we stumbled across Opossum World – a shop dedicated to possum furs (and tours to see possums in the wild).

In some countries, possums are protected, but in New Zealand, they are considered pests – mainly because they spread bovine tuberculosis and destroy the native Pohutukawa trees.

In the entrance to the shop, I found this somewhat disturbing vision (I’m not entirely sure how to categorise it):


A possum skin moa! (A large, extinct flightless bird that was native to pre-settled New Zealand)

I just had to post this as part of The Photo Argus Challenge – it is certainly wierd!

What is one of the wierder things you’ve come across?



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