TPA: A Tree (7/52)

A week seems to roll around very quickly these days, with so much happening. This coming week will be no different.

My wife and I are visiting Napier again (on Tuesday and Wednesday), going to listen to #2 son playing in the orchestra for the Festival Opera season of Carmen, in the Art Deco capital of New Zealand (if not the world). The Festival Opera’s creative director is Anna Pierard and brings together world class opera singers with up and coming local talents.

This year, Victoria Lambourne (one of Australia’s leading Mezzo-Sopranos) is taking the lead. She is but one of the international opera singers to grace this company. So, we are a little proud of our boy.

In fact, just before Christmas, he was again down in Napier performing in Handel’s Messiah. The concert reviewer wrote his “trumpet obbligato in The trumpet shall sound was spectacular”. (Hawke’s Bay Today, 21/12/2016).

Enough of that for now – on to the main feature.

For this week’s The Photo Argus Challenge (7/52), I choose “a tree or leaf”. This is a photograph of a tree trunk from our back yard that had these fungii/lichens or whatever, growing on it. I like the way the blue and the green contrased with the trunk.


I hope you have a great week.

Live, laugh, Love!

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