TPA: Empty Road (5/52)

What a busy weekend – had visits from relatives from Hamburg, dear friends from Brisvegas, and from my cousin and dad – all packed in to 3 days.

So, before my (short) work week starts, I had better continue with my The Photo Argus 2017 Photography Challenge – 5 of 52.  This week – Empty Road.


This is the raod leading up to the Manukau Heads Lighthouse at Awhitu.

Live, laugh, Love!


3 responses to “TPA: Empty Road (5/52)

  1. Love that road! We planned to go to the lighthouse at the weekend but got sidetracked exploring the bottom of the peninsula around the Waikato river, and Kariotahi beach.

    • I think Kariotahi is one of the gems of Auckland, and Port Waikato (and surrounds) is under-appreciated. The Awhitu Peninsula has so much to offer – and is interesting with the black sand on the west, and the white sand on the east. And the white sand – such a contrast to the usual Manukau Harbour beaches! Have you been to any of the waterfalls out that way?

      • I’ve love the Awhitu Peninsula since I worked on a research project for the Auckland Harbour Board in the 1980s, looking at recreational uses of the Manukau harbour. I spent a summer driving around different beaches from Big Bay to Whatipu. Possibly the best summer of my life! I’ve been to Waitangi Falls, but I don’t know any of the others.

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