Sunbeam on Sunday (Photo Challenge 4/52

I survived the week back at work after my summer holidays, and have discovered that work reduces the amount of time available to take photographs, import them to Lightroom, and produce “prints”. Oh well, I suppose that’s what life is all about.

An advantage, however, is a return to my daily commute. And just in case you didn’t know, or hadn’t gathered from my blog, I love my daily commute – a 30 minute ferry trip across Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. It provides a constantly changing opportunity to appreciate the sun (or clouds and wind), sea, and skies.

So, for this week’s The Photo Argus 2017 Photography Challenge – my 4th post in this series, I have chosen “Sunbeam”. This was taken around 6:35 a.m. as I arrived at the ferry terminal.


It felt like the day was full of promise.

I hope you enjoy the continuing series.

Live, laugh, Love



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