Sunday Treat (TPA Photo Challenge 3/52)

Well, it is the last day of my summer holiday, and it’s back to work tomorrow. Except for 1 day (Jan 4), I have been off for almost a month! (1 week due to illness) I think it is the longest holiday I’ve had during my working life! The downside is that I won’t be able to take to many days off during the year. Oh well, that’s life. And at least I enjoy my job.

Over the past week, I needed to carry out a couple of maintenance items on the Mini so that it would pass it Warrant of Fitness (New Zealand’s certificate of road worthiness). I needed to replace one of the power steering hoses – fortunately the return hose, not the high pressure hose which I did last year – and the front tyres had become worn. Luckily, the Mini came with two sets of wheels – the every day ones and the original Cooper Works ones.

So, to pass the WOF, I swapped the wheels across. For those with a mechanical bent, this meant going from the standard 17″ Mini wheels, to the 18″ Cooper Works wheels.

After having these in storage, they really needed a clean.

So today, I treated the Mini (and our Ford Fiesta) to a car wash, setting us up for getting back to work.

For something so simple, the results were impressive (I think).

So, here’s the Mini, nicely groomed.

Do you think it is looking nice?

Ah, well, with my holiday over, my posting frequency will diminish.

And this is my 3rd post for the  The Photo Argus 2017 Photography Challenge.

Wishing you all a lovely week.

Live, laugh, Love!


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