Daytrip to Awhitu

With only a couple of days left of my summer holiday, I took the afternoon for a trip to the Awhitu Peninsula – the southern heads of the Manukau Harbour. It is about 36 km as the crow flies, but just over 90 by road. So, I hopped in the Mini, and drove off in the brilliant


When I arrived at the Lighthouse, the clouds rolled in, the sun disappeared, and the rain came down. Fortunately, in typically Auckland fashion, the sun was out again in another 10 minutes!


Here are a few shots from the Lighthouse

On the way back, I stopped off at the old Awhitu church


Heading home again, I took a quick 1 km sidetrack down the the Waitangi Falls. I finally made it with a camera, after occasionally passing the end of the road for almost 40 years

I had a great day.

Please let me know what your favourite photo is.

Live, laugh, Love!


2 responses to “Daytrip to Awhitu

    • Hi Squid. Thanks for the comment. The old lighthouse lenses are neat – so many components all assembled to shine out their warning. When I was on the balcony, I tried getting a shot of the prism effect of the lens, but it didn’t really work out (I’ll put it on my Flickr page). Hope your Sunday goes well.

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