Fires on Friday

I woke up this morning to news that an island in the Waitemata Harbour caught on fire last night.

Caught on fire? Well, the grass and a couple of trees caught fire.

It seems that a woman was caught on the island for about 4 days, and finally managed to get attention. However, the attention getting led to almost half the island being burned. (It is a small island).

There is still a lot of mystery around the circumstances, but the woman has now been discharged from hospital (thankfully), but the police have not yet been able to speak with her to get her story.

My ferry route goes past the island, so I had the opportunity to get a few shots.

And after the fire had been mainly extinguished (on the way home):

So lucky it was contained, on an uninhabited (by people and animals), and small!

Live, laugh, Love!


6 responses to “Fires on Friday

    • It is indeed strange. What will be revealed? We wonder how she got there, who, if anyone, left her there, how long she was there (was it really 4 days?). Sounds like a plot worthy of Shortland Street!

      Could you imagine that happening on Soames Island?

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