Thoughts for Thursday


It has only been a few months since the demolition work started, but already I have forgotten how the Downtown Shopping Mall looked from out the window. The shopping Mall opened in 1975, and earlier this year they started demolishing it to make way for constructing a rail link underneath, and then constructing a 39 level office tower (due for completion in 2019.

Time flies, and as we adapt to a new “normal”, we very quickly start forgetting what was.

Sometimes we resist change, afraid of leaving our comfort zone. Sometimes we embrace change with enthusiasm. Sometime we prefer the tried and true and familiar.

Life is a challenge, and we try to meet that as best we can.

Do you accept change or try to keep things how they are?

Where do you lie in this continuum?

Whichever, I hope you have a great Thursday, receive a smile form a stranger, and have a little bit of fun.

Live, laugh, Love!


3 responses to “Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I don’t normally think of myself as change-resistant, but I have to say I’m not crazy about a lot of the “development” of Auckland. It seems to me we’ll end up with an unlivable ant farm, while much of the rest of NZ languishes for lack of investment. 😦

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