… & Monday Evening

… And the trip home produced an interesting sunset.

How was your Monday?

Live, laugh, Love!


3 responses to “… & Monday Evening

  1. Again, another beautiful image!
    Sounds odd I suppose but I was walking around my town here in the UK the other day when the weather was actually pretty decent, and I live in a very historic(?) town I suppose, with stunning architecture in my places, and – bear with me, I do have a point – I looked up and appreciated how everything looked around me and thought of your images. I’d been browsing (finally!) through my reader on the bus earlier and this..like, I don’t know how your water and your sunsets compare to the city but like, the beauty! Yeah!
    I don’t know. I just like pretty pictures. Reminds me that the world within them can be pretty too.

    • Was also just thinking of how you were getting on – summer holidays for you yet? Exams over?. Sometimes we are so busy scurrying around we don’t look up and appreciate out surroundings. Take 5, find some beauty in the local architecture – new or old. Look for lines, converging or diverging or parallel, think of perspectives, and look at reflections. And take time to just be. :-). (& check out my next post – some architecture of Downtown Auckland, from my office window)

      • Indeed the summer holidays have commenced – although since my last exam was….oh gosh I’m struggling, June 28th! – it feels like it’s been an eternity. Results day is exactly a month away and admittedly I’m nervous for college etc. I’m scrambling as ever for inspiration to write but for now I’m happy just commenting. 🙂
        Yes! That’s completely right! Taking 5 can really shed some light onto my mood too. I’m venturing out again tomorrow and then the next day too (but that’s for work so ehh); I wonder what I’ll see!
        I hope life has been treating you well!

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