Post-Easter Splendiferousness!

Wow! The world put on a beautiful display for the sunrise this morning – it definitely makes my commute nice and relaxing! And a great way to start the (short) working week.

I hope your Easter (or weekend) was wonderful.

How is your week starting?

Live, laugh, Love!


4 responses to “Post-Easter Splendiferousness!

    • Hi Mayur. Firstly, welcome to Auckland, I hope you get to enjoy a lot of what is on offer. Secondly, thanks for dropping by and commenting, glad you like some of my photos.

      As to where I took these? I am lucky enough to commute to the city on the Half Moon Bay ferry, and I get to see some amazing sunrises, and also the occasional sunset (particularly now winter is approaching).

      If you haven’t already, look at catching one of the ferries from Downtown – a day trip to Waiheke Island is always a good choice. This will take you past Bean Rock Lighthouse, Rangitoto, etc. Try a day trip to Rangitoto – it is quite unique. (Do a bit of research, on a Su my day the volcanic rocks on the lower island reflect a lot of light back up and people can get sunburned under their chin!).

      Another option is a trip to Devonport – you get to see the city from a different perspective too.

      Hope you have a great Sunday, Brett.

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