WPC: Shadow

WPC: Shadowed

Common New Zealand Weta

Common New Zealand Weta

We had a visitor last night – clinging to the top of out front door frame. To give some sense of scale, the body of this weta was just over 3 inches / 75 mm long. It cast quite a shadow!

(And I calmly released it back into our garden – some distance from the house)

This week’s photo challenge – see more here.

Live, laugh, Love!


4 responses to “WPC: Shadow

    • My wife /calmly/ asked me to take it to the bushes – and not to kill it. Luckily it wasn’t a giant weta – they can be up to about 30cm / 12 inches! Then I’d be out of the house too!

    • In one of the “national” daily papers, they had a photo of a giant weta that was 28 cm long, and was happily munching through a carrot. At least this one was small(ish). And in a funny way, quite cute.

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