Suiting Up!

Today, for the first time in about 8 years, I wore a suit and tie to work. Having spent most of the 9o’s in a suit, and the first 5 – 6 years of the 2000’s mainly wearing a suit and tie, I decided to suit up today.

I was quite surprised with the reaction (and surprised that it still fits me well, and still looks fashionable!). Maybe I need to wear it a little more often!

Suited Up

Suited Up

I have another suit that I will be getting back into soon – and that could be a laugh. Stay tuned!

Live, laugh Love!

9 responses to “Suiting Up!

  1. Eight years ago? Must have been at your junior high graduation. 🙂
    I did click on the pic to enlarge …. just to better see the picture on the wall. 🙂
    Is that a dog on the floor?

    • He sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat! It is Fozzie, and there is a better photo of him on ‘after the safari’. Thank you, if only junior was then! Mind you, I think mentally I am still back there 😉

    • And I will. I was surprised at all the nice comments I received at work, on my commute, and through here and FB! Hope your studing is going well

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