Hydrangeas in the Garden

Hyrdangeas coming into Bloom

This Sunday has seen us blessed with warm temperatures, and at last it feels like we are coming into summer.

More flowers are starting to bloom, and one of our hydrangea bushes is starting to put on a multi-coloured display. Sometimes white, sometimes, pink, sometimes blue or a purple in between, you can never be too sure until the blooms open. (A lot of the colour has to do with the acidity of the soil, apparently).

This bush has started blooming, and has come out in 2 colours.

What’s your favourite flower? What’s your favourite colour? Do you enjoy getting flowers?

Live, laugh, Love!


8 responses to “Hydrangeas in the Garden

  1. I love your photos! The Southern Magnolia, and I would rather have flowers in the garden instead of a cut flower that will die sooner.

    • I know you like the Southern Magnolia :-), and indeed it is nice having the flowers in the garden. I do like going out and picking fresh flowers for putting on the dinner table as well. Hope your Sunday was good.

  2. I do so love these flowers. Beautiful in bud, beautiful in bloom, and beautiful as seed heads. A plant that just keeps on giving. :o)

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