WPC: Descent (II)

WPC: Descent (Part 2)

Another shot from last weekend.

This time a fountain from out the front of the Auckland Art Gallery / Toi O Tamaki.

Descent overflowing

Descent overflowing

Arrested descent

Arrested descent

Do you prefer the smoother flow of a longer shutter speed/smaller aperture, or the frozen moment of shorter shutter speed/larger aperture?

Another entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (See other entries here)

Live, laugh, Love!

5 responses to “WPC: Descent (II)

    • Sometimes it is like asking “which child do you love more?”, and being unable to choose. However, I think I prefer that one too – the way the background wall is reflected in the water and the line continues. Thank you so much for your comment.

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  2. Fantastic photos 🙂 And I like that you explain the settings you used to take them, it helps photography beginners like me to see what is possible! I actually prefer shorter shutter speed/larger aperture in this example. I think it’s because I have seen too many photos with smooth water now and it kind of looks unnatural.

    • It’s funny, I switch between the two. Sometimes I like the “waves” and the way the focus falls off towards the front and the back, and other times I like the way the street and wall is reflected in the water. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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