The other day at work a colleague & I were discussing different (red) wines, and while I prefer a Cabernet based one, I have discovered the joys and delights of a lighter Pinot Noir wine.

Initially I was not a fan as I had tried cheaper bottles, and I have since discovered that cheaper Pinot Noirs are definitely left wanting.

One day in the local supermarket, I saw a premium brand on special. I bought a Gibbston Valley Central Otago Pinot at virtually half price – NZ$24, at the top end of my normal price range.

And how glad I was. I have learned that you have to pay a reasonable amount for a good bottle of Pinot. And on special, it can be as little as $20.

Where does anticipation come into the picture? Well, with the wine o bought this evening. I think I will share after work tomorrow evening. And this is it

Rabbit Ranch Pinot

Rabbit Ranch Pinot

What wine do you like? Or bourbon, or whisky? Or whatever?

Live, laugh, Love!


3 responses to “Anticipation

  1. I drink reds. I like all reds but prefer the fuller, heavier ones. Pinots (probably cheap ones) can have a chemical, metallic taste.

    Rabbit Ranch is a good one! I buy it for the bunny 🙂

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