Off home


What is it about finishing up work on a Friday afternoon and heading home for the weekend? I ended up working a little later than scheduled and consequently missed the 5:15 ferry by about 30 seconds. No big deal, the 5:45 was only a short wait away. Besides, the view from the aft deck was lovely (as usual). I had to put my beer down to capture the moment. (Have I said that being able to having a drink on my commute home is one of the things I love about taking the ferry?)

Friday Evening

Friday Evening

How do you finish on a Friday – go out straight from work? Go home and relax? Make a quick stop home and glam yourself up for an evening out? How did it end up?

(I enjoyed a glass – or 2 – of Obsidian 2009 Cabernet Merlot with friends and family. Side note: Miley Cyrus loved her visit to Waiheke last Thursday, and Taylor Swift enjoys visiting when she’s here too. If you ever get a chance, I can recommend Waiheke red wines: Te Motu, Stoney Ridge, Man O War, Saratoga, Obsidian, to name a few.)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Live, laugh, Love!


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