Happy October

Just wanted to wish every one a happy October!

Shelly Park

Shelly Park

Hope you all had a good September, and that October is better for you.

Are you going to do something new this month? Go somewhere you haven’t been before (even if is a park you have gone past and not visited)? Another country? A new coffee/cake shop? See a new movie? Go to a new beach? Visit a favourite? Do something you’ve never done before?

Let me know how it goes. 🙂

It’s easy for me – coming into late spring/early summer, with New Zealand Summer Time.

Live, laugh, Love!


8 responses to “Happy October

    • You are so lucky going to WOW. Isn’t it wonderful? My wife and I went through the WOW museum in Nelson, and we both really enjoyed it. And I hope you get treated to a nice meal as well ;-). Have you been to La Casa Caffe in Cuba St (between Wakefield and Manners). I had a great long black, and tiramisu there a while ago, Nom nom. 🙂

  1. Happy October to you too, here is starting the fall, gorgeous colours outside with the leaves starting to dry out. I’m planning to be outside as much as possible enjoying the weather and the colours around me.

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