Tuesday Tranquility

Tranquility on a Tuesday

Need I use words? This morning was a stunningly beautiful morning, so still, so serene, so tranquil. And I was alone for about 5 minutes to appreciate all by myself.

Tranquility on a Tuesday morning

Tranquility on a Tuesday morning

(And yes, I did think of Serena from Ms Tranquility . Would this inspire a reflective poem? Would she feel the peace?)

And, I discovered that my previous post about my Sunday Photowalk had all the photos at full resolution and full size! I have now replaced all the photos with the lower resolution, smaller versions. And 21 photos at, say 350Kb ea, take up a lot less space than 21 photos at 10Mb ea! Note to self: Remember to select the correct export option from Lightroom!

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday (or Wednesday, when it arrives). Goodnight.

Live, laugh, Love!



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