The General Election is Over

After the Election

Sunday morning relax . Got home at about 11:30, 16 1/2 hours after leaving. Set up of the voting place, running the voting place with votes being cast from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and all the dramas in between, making sure the 12 staff I was responsible for had breaks, weren’t getting stressed, had enough supplies, made sure each voter had the best voting experience they could, and that anyone who may have been eligible to vote could.

Then the closing of doors, supervising and checking the reconciliations of vting papers, then making sure the counts were done, and every vote was counted. Results phoned through to the electorate headquarters, then everything packed up securely – with security seals where necessary, and delivered back to the electorate headquarters. Everything had to be checked off to make sure everything was returned, nothing extra was returned, and all was as it should be.

Then, my day was done! Up at 6, back home on couch starting to watch the results at 11:40. My day was finally done!

And, once again, New Zealand’s general election successfully completed, all results “finalised”, and the next government confirmed.

It is a truly amazing system, with almost no chance of corruption. Done in one day.

I am very proud to be a part of this process, and help citizens complete their right to vote. It is a very serious duty, but very satisfying.

(And it puts into perspective the efficiency of New Zealand, and the problems in other parts of the world when I have just read that Afghanistan are still waiting for their result after nearly 6 months).

Thank you to my team, thank you to the voters. A tiring, but very satisfying day!


One response to “The General Election is Over

  1. My partner and I both commented as we left the polling booth, that whatever the outcome of the election, the process itself was amazing. We are indeed very lucky to be able to vote freely and close to home, without armed guards or police, international monitors or intimidation. And in confidence that our votes will be counted honestly. Thank you to everyone who made that possible. 🙂

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