Shots from a Sunny Spring Sunday Afternoon

I spent a nice day catching up with family, celebrating Fathers’ Day and my nephew’s 1st birthday.

The sun was setting, and lighting the palm tree next door as if it was on fire with a vibrant yellow among the green, and the (almost) full moon rising in the bakground

Across the fence

Across the fence

Just before this, I dropped my mother back home, and this beautiful daffodil had bloomed – emerging 3 days ago and just missing the first day of spring.

Pink and White Daffodil

Pink and White Daffodil

And she also had this wonderfully brilliant yellow bloom

Yellow Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil

Hope you all had a marvellous weekend (or about to enjoy a lazy Sunday). Wishing you a week full of wonderfulness.

Live, laugh, love!


9 responses to “Shots from a Sunny Spring Sunday Afternoon

  1. It’s all mums, asters and pumpkins on my side of the planet right now. It’s incongruous to see daffodils and palm trees together. It’s the time of year to plant daffs here in Michigan.

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