World Premiere

Warning – proud parent alert!

Tonight I was priveleged to be at the world premiere of Vom Judischen Schicksal by Richard Fuchs.

This music was written in 1937, and won first prize in a prestigious (German) national competition. Due to the political situation in Germany at the time, the work (which had even had rehearsals) was cancelled and Fuchs was told it had been forbidden to be performed.

Richard Fuchs then emigrated to New Zealand.

Tonight, Sunday 24 August, was the world premiere – some 77 years after it had been written. (Fuchs’ grandson found the score in an attic, and the New Zealand School of Music was asked to provide the orchestra)

There is slightly more to the story, but it is part of a conference called “Recovering Forbidden Voices

Son #2 was playing trumpet for this momentus occasion – hence the proud parent warning. The music was fantastic, and very heartening, especially considering the history.

Also, there was a playing of Weinberg’s Cello Concerto, featuring (as if I have to say) a cello soloist. At the end, after the soloist was applauded, the concertmaster and conductor applauded, #2 was singled out by the conductor to stand up and was recognised for his supporting trumpet solo-ing.

Proud parents indeed, and so fortunate to have been part of this wonderful festival of music.

Check out the curly haired one!

Pre premiere - who said serious musicians were serious!

Pre premiere – who said serious musicians were serious!


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