Thankful Thursday

Today I am appreciating the fact that I’m not off to work on this sunny (but cool and windy) Thursday – I am taking a break to go to Wellington (with wife and in-laws) to see Son #2 perform in 4 concerts over the weekend. 3 are related to his music degree (playing in an opera, a jazz concert, and the university orchestra), and 1 is with the national champion brass band he plays in. So excited much! And, I don’t return to work until next Tuesday! Bonus!

So, I had a relatively gentle start to the day – caught up on a few blogs (and super happy about it, I was). And I got some inspiration for going out and taking a few photos.

So, thank you April for your strength and beauty

Magnolia blooms

Magnolia blooms

And Z for inspiring me to do a little macro work

Camelia and rain drops

Camelia and rain drops


(And a quick crop – I think this looks better)

And of course a day would not be complete without one of the cats being inquisitive

What's going on?

What’s going on?

Also, thank you to  others who have dropped by and liked and / or commented. It always widens my smile a little, and brings a bit more joy to my day! I really appreciate you all.

Live, laugh, LOVE!


10 responses to “Thankful Thursday

      • My partner and I went to Zealandia on Monday when I had a day off – I recommend it. It was great just for wandering around listening and watching the birds and other species but also for taking photos – we got really close to takahae and tuatara and the kaka were quite active in the feeding area

  1. The magnolia blossoms you photographed are like the blossoms we had in the northwest of the United States. They are on my list of favorite flowers. Hope you have a wonderful trip! I can “hear” the pride you have in your son. Enjoy the music, and safe travels.

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