All cats are hunters – although some more so than others. One of our cats (Mini) goes out in the dead of night, hunts down his prey, and drops it off by the entrance to the kitchen. I am often greeted with his prizes that are lovingly displayed for me.

What bemuses me is that, more often than not, the prey is and was inanimate.

What is the most common? Bread! We have had crumpets (all dried and mouldy), bagettes, slices of white toast, wholemeal toast, buns, croissants. Also hardcrust pies, pizza crusts, bagels.

Not to mention one night he was particularly proud of hunting down a box of Chicken McBites® – and once even a Subway® 6″ sandwich. Also, when we had a KFC near by, assorted scraps of the 11 herbs and spices coated delicacies.

And, he has been known to bring back chops, sausages, franks, steak, and once even a freshly caught and filleted piece of snapper (the neighbour was still on his boat processing his catch!).

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth! (But he is partial to a bit of cheese)

Mini looking innocent

Mini looking innocent

Not only does he raid our rubbish bin!

(And yes, there is the occasional bird)

What is one of the more unusual presents your furry friend has brought back for you?

Live, laugh, Love!


4 responses to “Hunter!

  1. Too funny! One of my cats brought home a live baby bunny. I was so upset and excited about it, she went and brought me another. I kept her inside, and we tried to nurse the babies back to health, but it was not possible because she had harmed them,and they were too young to be away from their mother. No odd things such as bread or meat, just birds and mice..except for the bunny incident.

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