Another beginning

A new week is about to start, and with it I have a new start at work as well!

On Friday I was advised that I was successful in applying for a position in our commercial insurance team, so for the next few weeks I will be undergoing more training – new products, new systems, and new opportunities.

Funnily enough, I am being moved to a desk next to where I first started almost 2 years ago – and with a colleague who started on the same day who also joined the team about 4 weeks ago. I’m moving away from the middle of the office floor and getting back to views like this:

View to the west

View to the west

and this:

Towards the south

Towards the south

I’m really looking forward to the challenge, and the professional development papers I am doing will take on much more relevance.

To use modern vernacular: Excited much!

Wishing your Sunday or Monday brings you some wonderful and/or wondrous things.

Live, laugh, Love!


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