Fantastic Friday Sunset

Saturday afternoon, all housework done, rhubarb brulée eaten (bought from Wild Wheat), and coffee brewed, photos from yesterday imported and processed.

Again, I was treated to a wonderful sunset on the way home on the ferry Friday evening. Firstly, the burning oranges and pale blues as the sun was setting behind the Auckland Harbour Bridge

Sunset silhouetting the Harbour Bridge

Sunset silhouetting the Harbour Bridge

and a little later we were treated to a short period of vibrant pink mingling with the rich orange glow providing a stunning backdrop for the silhouetted trees (this lasted for about 5 minutes!)

Trees on the skyline

Trees on the skyline

All in all, a stunning winter’s evening. Please feel free to comment on how these make you feel.

Live, laugh, Love!


4 responses to “Fantastic Friday Sunset

  1. It’s always as if the skies are trying to tell you something.

    Gosh, the second one especially is so pretty 🙂

    • And it was so fleeting – the colour lasted for about 5 minutes only, so I was lucky to be at the right place, at the right time. And there were about 15 phones pointing in that direction to capture the beauty. :-). Thanks.

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