With wintery weather closing in, the later ferry commute brings about some dramatic skies.

Here’s a shot from Friday Evening. I was quite taken with the reflected glow of the lights, giving the glowering clouds an interesting contrast – and the blue sky beyond breaking through.

City Glow

City Glow

Today, Saturday, is almost the exact opposite – another dose of wonderful clear autumn sunshine. I stopped off on Maungarei (Mt Wellington) on my way home after delivering #2 son off to a Concert Band Festival.

Totara on Maungarei

Totara on Maungarei

This magnificent Totara tree has stood for many years, exposed to the winds, holding fast into the volcanic cone, on the outer edge of the crater rim.

Do you prefer this in monochrome?

Maungarei Monochrome

Maungarei Monochrome

Live, Laugh, Love.


3 responses to “Opposites

    • Saw it last night ๐Ÿ™‚ Also saw a nice background – that almost looks like Maldives Dreamer (Check her out if you don’t folow her)

      • Yeah, I confused the name of your blog with your avatar name ๐Ÿ˜€ I will check her out, I made the current background from image I found on Google…

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