Evening Stroll

When my late shift finished, I decided to take a slightly different route from my office to the ferry – and just check out a different view.

I re-discovered a flaming fountain!

Flaming Fountain, with old Central Post Office

Flaming Fountain

Then after crossing the road, tried a few “long exposures” (maybe about 1.5 seconds) at the traffic lights

"Waiting to cross"

“Waiting to cross”


This still left me with about 15 minutes to wait until the ferry departed, so, propping myself up against a pole, a couple of long exposures of between the commuter ferry piers, Pier 1 and Pier 2

1.5 seconds

1.5 seconds

5 seconds

5 seconds

Feel free to comment to let me know if you prefer the 1.3 second exposure or the 5 second exposure

Now, I’m posting from the ferry, filling in time till I get home. 😀

Live, laugh, love!


6 responses to “Evening Stroll

  1. I thought the building was on fire… didn’t suss out it was a fountain at first 🙂 As for the “Waiting to cross”, that’s my favourite by far

    • I thought I replied to this last night. Thanks for your coment – my wife prefers “Waiting to cross” too. Hope you’re day is going well.

  2. I like the 1.5 second shot–it has more texture for me, I like that. Same goes for the long exposure with the lights. Something I can’t do hand holding my camera. Nice photos!

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