The day is done!

The day is done, and just about sleep time to recharge the batteries for the working week starting in about 8 hours time (when the alarm goes off).

The radiator replacement went well, with only minor “adjustments” needed, so no more coolant leaking onto my friend’s garage floor, and oil filter seal replaced, so no more oil leaks on the garage floor. Mission accomplished!

Called in to see my mum – who was delighted with the DVD’s I got for her – First of the Summer Wine – as she has been wanting these for a couple of years, and they have just been released here.

So, all in all, a wanderful day.

And, one with the 2 tui back in the garden, making the most of the sunshine, and entertaining us with tui-song.

Tui in a Cabbage Tree

Tui in a Cabbage Tree

Live, laugh, love!

5 responses to “The day is done!

    • Somewhere, sometime. How are Latvian summers? Surely blue skies with all those trees? I can just hear “LM: What colour is the sky? Looks like a husband catching sky! Go get your leopard print **** off!” πŸ˜‰

      • Ha haha! Fantastic!
        Yeah, Latvian summers are usually pretty good – I hope this one is as it will be my last!
        Did you get a few extra hits from my facebook page?

      • Good grief – can’t you ask a simpler question like what’s the square root of a banana? Oh, is that what that part of the statistic pages is. Well, between you and me, I seem to have got 12 visits from Facebook – and I’ve only got about 3 friends, so must have been form yours :-). Thank you. Again, Linda, you have given me a chuckle when I need it most. πŸ˜€

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