Happy Mother’s Day

To all mums, Happy Mother’s Day.

While it sometimes seems a little cynical and commercialised that we honour our mums on one day a year, I know that I love my mum every day, and makes sure she know it too.

However, like many other commemoration days, I think that it is good to actually pause, and consciously think about the reason.

So today, I will pause, and give thanks for my mum, my mum-in-law, and the mum of my children, and let them know that I appreciate and love them each and every day of the year.

And, to all other mothers, a huge thank you for the underpaid and overworked, and often thankless role you have. Sending you all a little love. Without you, where would we be?

Thanks to today’s google doodle.

Mother's Day Google Doodle

Mother’s Day Google Doodle


Live, laugh, Love (your mum).




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