Weekly Word Challenge: Love

Another post made me think of this song, and to me the whole song is about love.

If you don’t know the story, Gareth Malone is a choirmaster who wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who are often forgotten – the wives, partners, and girlfriends of soldiers who are sent abroud in times of armed conflict (i.e. war).

Gareth, through his love of music, brought together this group of people, and through the medium of song, managed to change their lives.

The choir had its pinnacle by performing at the Royal Albert Hall for the 2011 Festival of Remembrance.

This is a story of love – from the love of song, to the love of soldiers, to the love of their wives and girlfriends, and to the love of those for who this group sacrifice so much for so little recognition.

If you get the chance, search youtube for the Military Wives Choir by FanofTheChoir and watch this insprational story.

Live, laugh, Love, and enjoy the music.

Suzi81Speaks Weekly Word Challenge



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