WPC: On Top

Tauhou / Waxeye on Magnolia

Tauhou / Waxeye on Magnolia

The Tauhou (Waxeye/Silvereye – Zosterops lateralis) on a Magnolia flower in my back garden.

Weekly photo challenge


8 responses to “WPC: On Top

  1. Lovely shot! That must have been very hard. The little bird was clueless you were taking the shot. You must have been waiting for it for a long time?

    • These are very common birds around here, and there was a flock of about 8 – 10 of them flitting around the trees. I had my 55-250 zoom on my camera, and just zoomed right in and took the shot from about 25 feet away. I was more or less just relaxing in the afternoon. Luck, more than anyting else, I suppose. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been on in a while and have missed seeing your beautiful photos. This shot with the bird on the magnolia must have thrilled you when you took it–very lovely. It’s so hard to imagine that you are just entering fall as over here we are finally welcoming spring in all its glory and this afternoon I noticed the first magnolia blossoms. I love your photos of the skyline and sunsets.

    • Thank you so much. Today has been a balmy 19 C, with lots of sunshine and no wind – a direct opposite to the past week where we lots of rain and wind. I actually took the shot 8/26/2012 – so springtime – just after I got my new camera and lenses. I cropped the shot slightly, but no other post processing. And yes, I was/am thrilled. Glad you like some of my other shots, too. And I had noticed you hadn’t been around much. Hope all is ok. 🙂

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