What’s in a mug?

Why do we get attached to them?

And now I know I’m not the only one!

Thanks to a recent post about a chipped mug, I was reminded about a recent search for a mug for my mother-in-law. My wife (and I) had been trolling second hand shops, op shops, local markets, etc, for the past 6 months or so, keeping an eye out for a particular style of mug as a replacement for aforementioned MIL (well, a replacement mug for her, not a mug to replace her 😉 ).

Many years ago, MIL was given a coffee set – pot and 6 mugs – and over the years, the mugs dwindle in numbers as accidents befell them. Then, the last one broke.

What is it about mugs we get attached to? I know that these mugs had just the right capacity, the right feel, both in texture and shape, and just fitted into her hand.

Luckily, a new set was found in a church charity shop (they haven’t made that style for about 20 years!). Success!

It’s all to do with our little daily rituals and routines. And, I am not immune.

For my 30th birthday, I was given a mug (as pictured below – can you guess which is mine?) that I have used just about every day since – 23 1/2 years.

The other mug (the tall green one), is almost as old – well the mug has changed, but it has stayed the same. It is my wife’s favourite, and is what I serve her for her cup of tea in bed, just about every morning. This mug is well travelled throughout New Zealand, taking it when we go on holidays. Because it is just right!

My mug? I just like it because I am now an even older fart!

Favourite Mugs

Favourite Mugs

There is something wonderful about sharing a quiet few minutes with a faithful companion.

As always

Live, laugh, love!



4 responses to “Mugs

  1. I loved every part of this post. And I chuckled enormously. That green mug looks appealing too….:)

  2. I have a mug thing…they take up an entire kitchen cupboard. I switch them out so that I get a chance to drink from all of them…..and I continue to collect them, which isn’t good.

      • Oh, I do! I had a little superstitious routine that I started in July of last year. I decided that I would drink coffee each morning from one of my favorite NFL Seattle Seahawk mugs, because I believed we were going to win the Super Bowl…..We Did! That’s just one of many memories.

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