Amazing Clouds

Amazing clouds

Well, what a wonderful start to International Happiness Day! I hope you are all having a terrific day, and have managed to have even a little slice of happiness today.

I was standing on the back deck of the ferry enjoying the company of a few of the other “social” regulars, and shortly after departure we were greeted with this:

Backlit Rainbow Clouds

Backlit Rainbow Clouds

Backlit Rainbow Clouds

Backlit Rainbow Clouds

What an absolute amazing sight!

Job Satisfaction

Also today, I had a really great sales experience (as a salesman). I was dealing with a person who made an enquiry for car and contents insurance. I asked why she contacted us, and she said she had been with our company before, and her father recommended her to come back. I asked why she went to another company, and she told me she “had been sucked in by a bad phone call”. To cut a long story short, I was able to provide her with much similar cover for her car, and added contents and liabilty insurance cover (that she had stopped because she couldn’t afford both), and all for less than half she was paying! It wasn’t my biggest sale of the day (by a long way), but it gave me the best satisfaction as I was able to make a huge difference to the person! That was the making of my day.

Live, laugh, love!

(and I still have a smile on my face)


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