The Pain Has (Almost) Gone

Teeth – we all have them (or have had them), and most abuse them!

For one reason or another, I have been neglecting mine for a while – I do bush them regularly (always in the morning, often in the evening), I floss (irregularly), but don’t often visit the dentist.

After not visiting for about 15 years, I started getting into regular sessions with a hygenist, and my teeth appreciated it. However, I have lapsed over the past few years. 😦

Over the past few months, I have had a pressure sensitivity on one of my molars, and I just thought the filling needed replacing. Then last week, I started getting temperature sensitivity. Hmm, time to consider getting it fixed. I was surprised at the suddenness and rapidity of the transformation from pressure sensitivity, through to temprature sensitivity, through to on Saturday getting pain in my lower jaw! And then on Monday, came the stabbing pain in the jaw, moving through to my ear. Luckily my Dentist was able to see me at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning (now 12 hours ago).

I was, of course, expecting the worst!

About an hour later, I was out, with the troublesome tooth repaired (a cusp of a molar had cracked, and the crack had just reached the sensitive inner parts of the tooth). It has taken a few hours for everything to settle down, and there is still a sensitivity there, but no longer do I have the great pain.

And oh, the relief!

Uncharitably, and with a bit of ignorance (I will check Expat Eye’s blog), all I could think of was “I’m glad I’m not in Latvia!”

Just to lighten the mood, here is a gratuitous photo of the new front door I hung and installed the hardware on today. One more thing to tick off the list! And, it doesn’t look half bad, if I say so myself :-).

Our new front door - finally installed

Our new front door – finally installed

(And notice that one of our cats (Fozzie) photo-bombed this one.)


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