Time Flies

Life has been a blur!

Since the road trip, life has been hectic, and I have hardly had a chance to catch up on much social media – I have been an internet recluse – and my days have be filled, and when I finally have a bit of time, I find that I’m too tired to get on my PC. I also get daunted by the emails piling up in my in-box (about 50 a day!). I manage to delete most without reading, so not too bad! Then there is my yahoo and gmail accounts to clear as well!

Finally, back on a Saturday shift, followed by a week of 11:00 – 7:00 – so will have time and space to have a few updates from the ferry – like now.

Why have I been busy? Since the road trip, I have been putting the furnture, etc, back together after the recarpeting, putting up new light fittings (I have a registration that supposedly means I know what I’m doing), plumbing & building (the new shower), installing a new gasket for the thermostat housing on a friend’s BMW (without removing the fan! – and this was a bit of fun), taking my mum to A&E (she dropped some secateurs on her leg and needed stitches – and a 2 1./2 hour wait), coped with work, have started studying for a work related professional qualification, oh, and towing a car home after No 2 son came back from Wellington for the weekend and destroyed the front end of it. It has taking a bit of time sorting this out, including towing it home. At least no one was injured (or worse!). The reason he came home after 4 days away? He was playing in a concert, which we attended – and it was very good, too.

Broken Car

Broken Car

As always

Live, Laugh, Love!


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