What do you do on a public holiday Thursday

Today was a public holiday – Waitangi Day. The closest New Zealand gets to celebrating its Nationhood. Being a public holiday, it is an extra chance to catch up on a few tasks left over from the previous weekend, or get a head start on the coming weekend.

Me? Well, as some may know, our house is getting new carpet and vinyl over the next couple of weeks. In preparation for this, I am undertaking a bit of maintenance, and a bit of renovation.

I made a bit of a check list for things to do today/Saturday/Sunday.

  1. Finish applying polyurethane to the new front door.
  2. Attend to small hole in bathroom wall by the shower.
  3. Replace moulding around shower base.
  4. Install new vanities and tapware and skirting boards into the bathroom
  5. Prepare the toilet for laying of new vinyl.
  6. Get the en suite ready for new vanity/tapware/skirting boards on Sat/Sun.

Best laid plans …

Well, I took off a bit of the plaster board to look at repairing the hole. Hmmm…., there appeared to be a water leak. Following down to the floor, I lifted the corner of the vinyl, to find that in the past, water had been leaking down and had rotted the flooring a little (about 15 cm by 10 cm. So I started taking off the moulding around the shower base, and Hmmmm…, more rotted flooring from a long ago slow leak – and I managed to scrape a hole through the floor with my finger. Following the shower base down to the other wall, Hmmm, more rotted flooring – but not as bad as the other 2 spots.

Oh well, out with the shower – surely we wanted a new shower cubicle anyway??

So, may hours later, having removed the shower (without damage to the fittings, etc, just in case they need to be reinstalled) cutting out a square of the floor, trimming close to the wall, gone looking for a new shower – maybe have found one – and getting a few supplies (including a new “multi tool”) for flush to the wall trimming of old floor, getting new shower head fittings to update the look, etc, and cleaning up after myself (including emptying out the vacuum cleaner), Ta dah!

Shower hole

Shower hole

No shower

No shower

No shower

No shower

Item 1 done, item 2 started (but now a couple of big holes 🙂 ). Oh well, I’m going to be busy this weekend!

On a slightly less serious note, here is a photo I took last summer of a tri-maran out sailing on the Waitemat Harbour

Getting some air

Getting some air

Live, laugh, love!


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