Saturday Achievements

Well, 10:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, and time to settle down (Have Sherlock S2E1 with Benedict Cumberpatch :-)), and time to reflect on what I have achieved today.

After breakfast, I went to help one of my friends with a small car problem: I changed the front brake pads, then bedded them in, took the car to pass its warrant, and got it registered.

Brake pads done!

Brake pads done!

After I got back home, I put another coat of urethane on the new front door (after giving it a quick sand and prep). Only one coat to go and then it will be ready to hang and the lock fitted.

Coated door!

Coated door!

While in the painting mood, I oiled the outdoor table on the deck – looking much better

Oiled Table!

Oiled Table!

Then off to hang a new blind in the bathroom (we had this custom made as I couldn’t find one to cut down myself)

Blind Hung

Blind Hung

While one side of the door was drying, I tried to deliver a home gym to a friend – it has been in the back of the car for the past week (don’t ask), but he was out so ended up bringing it back home. Hope it doesn’t end up in the car for another week. At least it gave the door time to dry so I could flip it over and finish the other side :-).

To round the day off, I made a Chicken Jungle Curry to serve to my wife and a guest (the one with the car). She brought fresh cherries for dessert, and we had a nice relaxing evening. Such a fantastic way to rouready myself for nd out the day.

So, feeling satisfied, I’m looking forward to see what I can achieve tomorrow – I think I have a trip to the hardware department store to get some plumbing supplies to ready myself for the bathroom upgrade (new vanities after the new vinyl goes down).

Ah well, time to unpause Sherlock, and maybe eat a little chocolate!

And just to lighten the mood a bit, here is the youngest of our three cats – he is particularly flexble and indulges in advanced cat yoga (and he can be very cute!)

Fozzie "playing the Cello"

Fozzie “playing the Cello”

Live, laugh, love!

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