Just another day in Paradise

Today started off a lot more dull and drear than earlier in the week, and I have noticed it is getting noticably darker at 5:30 in the morning (when my alarm goes off) since getting back to work.

Looking dull

Looking dull

However, nothing to complain about – the humidity (surprisingly) and temperature is a down, and it is a lot more pleasant.

With my alarm going off at 5:30, and not having to leave home until just before 10:00 to get the ferry, I have quite a bit of time to utilise. Lately, I’ve been finding myself catching up on the WordPress pages I follow. This morning, however, was a bit different. After 2 hours (making my wife her morning cup of tea and breakfast porridge and WordPressing) I lept into action. A quick trip to the supermarket, making my lunch and breakfast, hanging out a load of laundry, putting another load on (in the hopes that my sons will hang), I got out and mowed the lawns. So at 9:30, I was getting ready to head off to work! A good mornings tasks achieved.

Now, on the ferry, looking out the window, the clouds are burning off, leaving another glorious day.

If you’re curious, the ferry I’m on is one of the smaller ferries of the Fleet – the Tiger Cat (seat about 110), and a bit slower than the bigger ones – it takes an extra 5 minutes to get to town. So, I have to hustle a bit when I get off. Here’s a shot of the main cabin

Tiger Cat main cabin

Tiger Cat main cabin

Well, off for another day of adventure! Hope your day is filled with love and laughter.

Live, Laugh, Love



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